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Positions: Caregiver Companion, CNA, Home Health Aide

Data was collected across millions of care workers over the past 12 months. Participants were asked the holy-grail question, “what are you willing to work for?”. The analysis is segmented by both certification type and location.   

The average hourly wage a caregiver is willing to work for nationally increased from $11.72 to $12.68 while the wage a CNA is willing to work increased $1.00, from $12.34 to $13.34.  Some states experienced a more significant swing than others..

To run a localized pay analysis, visit the regional pay portal.

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myCNAjobs is the largest professional Caregiver, CNA, and Home Health Aide network in the nation and offers a suite of recruitment tools to hire caregivers, CNAs, and Home Health Aides.

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