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Holiday Hiring Playbook

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Industry Focus: Home Care 

We've pulled a few trends from our data trove as we head into the holidays to help you build and optimize your caregiver recruitment strategies now. This playbook includes:

  • Holiday job search trends - did you know you can expect 56% fewer applicants by December?
  • Access to tools to evaluate and assess your recruiting from the past year
  • Holiday hiring strategies that work - we work with thousands of companies across the country; we've compiled the best of the best

Download Holiday Hiring Playbook

Download Holiday Hiring Playbook

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myCNAjobs offers a suite of recruitment tools to recruit Caregivers, CNAs, & Home Health Aides. Rated #1 return-on-investment in home care, myCNAjobs partners with companies across the nation to access millions of caregivers nationwide. 

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