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Recruiter Checklist

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Industry Focus: Home Care & Senior Living
Published: 2018

We've pulled together proven tips for taking your recruitment to the next level including:

  • Roll out the red carpet during the interview; treat a caregiver like you’d treat a new client
  • Run all required checks same-day; consider automating reference checking to help expedite the process
  • Schedule a 6-week and 90-day sit down review session with all new caregivers

If you don't already have something like this in place today, it's a great tool! 

Download Recruiter Checklist

Download Recruiter Checklist

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myCNAjobs offers a suite of recruitment tools to recruit Caregivers, Resident Aides, CNAs, & Dietary. Rated #1 return-on-investment in senior care, myCNAjobs partners with companies across the nation to access millions of front-line workers nationwide. We’re in the business of helping companies hire efficiently while getting rid of meaningless job postings, resumes, and clicks. We’re cutting the holy-grail of recruitment metrics in half -- cost per hire.

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