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Home Care Recruitment: How Much Does Caregiver Absenteeism Cost You?

By Linda Leekley on Nov 6, 2017 6:45:00 AM

“I get calls at 5am from Caregivers with all kinds of reasons for why they can’t come to work. I also get the calls from clients and family members when a caregiver just decides to not show up at all.”

Donna is the Office Manager for a medium sized home care agency in rural Ohio. She’s the one who deals with all the unplanned caregiver absences.

“I get two to three call-outs a week—sometimes more, sometimes less,” reports Donna.  “Each time, it’s a mad scramble to figure out the replacement. Most of the time, it takes two to three hours to find a replacement and get them to the client’s location.  Sometimes, there is no replacement available at all.”

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