Hiring Caregivers: 96% of Caregivers Are Always On The Job Market

Sep 7, 2017 4:10:30 PM

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In a market where Caregivers and CNAs are able to pick and choose which job opportunities are most interesting to them, it’s becoming more important for agencies to develop strategies to attract top talent. In our latest study, 64% of candidates report they’re always looking for a job, another 32% of candidates say they may not be looking for a job, but would entertain a new job offer - that means 96% of Caregivers are always on the job market.

When so much of the market is on the lookout for new opportunities, how can you get your agency’s openings in front of these candidates? How can you attract the attention of passive job seekers?

Always be recruiting

It’s more important now than ever before to always be recruiting Caregivers. Make sure to commit time to connect with Caregivers, review resumes, and interview new candidates each week. A strong recruitment pipeline insures you’re staying engaged with the Caregiver community in your market, and prevents last minute reactive recruiting when you have new client. Best practice is to interview at least 3 days each week.

Focus on what makes you competitive

There are many offerings that can make you stand out in your local market. Benefits like pay, insurance benefits, flexible shifts available, and even direct deposit can be important to Caregivers in your area. By leading with your best foot forward you’re most likely to attract the passive candidates who are open to new opportunities. If you're not sure where you stand, do a competitive market analysis (we tackle this in another post; Recruiting Caregivers: #1 Strategy to Learn What Your Competitors are Offering).

Keep in touch with current Caregivers

With so many Caregivers open to new opportunities - it’s likely that your current Caregivers are fielding calls from your competition as well. It’s important to stay in touch with your current care staff and keep a pulse on what makes them tick. Consider asking some of your top team members what keeps them onboard, and what you can do to make them feel appreciated.

As Caregiver hiring becomes more competitive, candidates are more in control than ever before. As an agency, finding new ways to empower the Caregiver will help attract top tier talent. As the old saying goes “Whoever owns the Caregiver owns the market.”

If you’re interested in how myCNAjobs can help connect you with candidates you likely aren't reaching today, we invite you to learn more about our latest caregiver recruitment tools. We’d value getting to know you. Happy recruiting!

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Maggie Keen

Written by Maggie Keen

Maggie Keen is Vice President at myCNAjobs and a national caregiver recruitment speaker.

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